I started the week off with a fresh wash and deep conditioning treatment and boy does my hair feel great. Earlier today (Monday), I did not do anything with my hair at all. Okay, well I prepped my hair for a braid out tomorrow. I plan to have my braid-out turn out something like the image below.

I want a nice, chunky braid-out like so. So in order to achieve this look, I decided to use Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Curling Butter. I also oiled my scalp with a homemade oil mix, and boy did it satisfy my scalp. 

To begin, I brushed out my hair, separated into a top half and a bottom half to prepare to do a braid-out.

Next I parted my hair and started plaiting my hair, not braiding. I put in several plaints and this is my result.

Hopefully tomorrow my result turns out beautifully chunky. I will return later with results. Also look out for "Twisted Tuesdays" post today. 

ETA: Pics
My results, ignore the close up shot, but hey, it is the best I could get