This is a sure plan for optimum growth before the end of the year. There is exactly two and half months left before the year ends. I plan to achieve at least three inches in that time, so I came up with a "routine" to keep me on track. Take a peek below. Keep in mind, I always do my hair at night-time. 

  • Wash day. Today is the day I wash away all of the weeks worth of buildup.
  • I will first shampoo thoroughly with V05 Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Next I will use Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Creme for 20 minutes while I shower.
  • Blot dry hair and let hair air-dry.
  • Oil Scalp with Mega-growth Hair Oil
  • Style for the week as desired.
  • If I decide to flat iron my hair, I will use a heat protectant serum.
  • If I decide to wear my hair natural, I will run a nickel size amount of oil through my hair, and either co-wash, bottle spray, or pin hair up
  • Preserve hair from previous day. 
  • Oil Scalp
  • Do a scalp massage for five minutes
  • Mid-Week, therefore it will be a co-wash day (if my hair is not flat-ironed).
  • If hair is flat ironed, the strands will be moisturized
  • If the hair is in it's natural state, most likely I will wear a wash-n go