Sigh! How many times do you see me say "Day 1?" Okay, yea, a lot right? Well this time I am sticking to it. I promise. I want for next summer to be the summer I let all my hair down to my waist and swing it back and forth.

Tonight I am doing an oil rinse combined with two eggs for protein. Right now my hair is lacking shine as you can see below, and also these strands are so dry that it seems as if every drop of oil I put on my scalp is sucked up upon impact.

So what I did is whipped up two eggs, put more than enough coconut oil into the whipped egg. 

I parted my hair into two sections.

And started applying from the back first, since that is the area that mostly rubs against my clothing. Make sure you are wearing a shirt that you do not wear outside as the oil may drip or slide down the neck, face area.

After applying to the whole head, I waited for approximately 45 minutes with bantu buns. 

I washed out in the shower, shampooed, then used regular conditioner. 

Let me tell you, my hair came out sooooo soft that even my fiance could not stop touching it. It was also so shiny and full looking. You will not regret trying this routine biweekly.
Now the question is, what am I going to do with my hair now? Hmm. Stay tuned.

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