I know as a woman, one of the most important aspect in our lives revolves around our hair. I mean, I do so much with my hair that I am sure it would ask me to leave it alone indefinitely if the strands could speak. I mean I twirl it, flip it, twist it, braid it, un-braid it, straighten it, wash it out then restraighten, cowash, oil rinse, bun it, don't like the bun so un-bun it, I mean, the struggle is real to keep my hands out of this mane of mine. 

Well I discovered that if I leave these strands alone, they will do what they are supposed to to regardless, which is grow in healthy. As you recall, back in early fall, I cut my hair to neck length. It took only a few months for it to grow back to the originally length and just think right now I am, I am scraping my bra once again. I mean I literally did NOTHING with my hair besides for wash once a week, possibly every two weeks depending on my mood, deep conditioned regularly, limited heat use to once a month, and wore my hair either pulled back into a ponytail, or did a few rollersets. 

Keep in mind, what worked for me, may not work for all. I made sure my hair was well moisturized before anything. I can say, my hair is so much in a good state that I can do anything to it right about now w/out worrying if the strands will break.So you are wondering what the benefits are right? Peep below

  • Hair is not constantly manipulated
  • Hair is allowed to breathe
  • Hair will not be exposed to much heat, too many products, or experiments (you know how your home-girl always wants to experiment a new style on your head instead of their own. No girl)
  • Hair will grow in healthier, shinier and with more strength
  • You can try different styles each week that will hold you through, instead of doing your hair everyday, so it saves you time.
Well, there may or may not be more to this list, but that's what I found for ME!
Pictures you ask? Of course
The first set of pictures are from November 2014. Short hair

The following pics are from April 2015