I was stunned when I came across a picture on Instagram of Love and Hip Hop Star Mimi Faust. It was a picture of the starlet's hair. Initially, I always thought Mimi's hair was most likely thin, brittle, and relaxed due to the way the extensions or wigs look on her so imagine my surprise when she revealed her long, naturally-curly mane for the world to see.

I did some digging into how she kept her curls intact and her hair healthy while undergoing the strenous hair practices she is subjected to almost every time she steps out of the house. I found from an interview back in 2012 with, that Mimi has been natural since the age of 19. She washes her hair once a week and normally styles her hair herself with the use of limited heat. Interesting because I always see her hair in straight styles on television or on her pictures.

Mimi is currently using Keracare shampoo and conditioner but likes to rotate her products and change it up every few months.  For her edges she describes Dr. Boogie’s “Hold It”as being her holy grail item for slicking her fly-aways and nape into a neat ponytail. (@BoogieSecrets).  Typically she goes to the salon for a treat and/or for trims.
For her nearly three year old daughter, Eva, Mimi loves WEN conditioning cleanser and says it gives Eva the perfect ringlet curls.
Okay, guess I have to invest in some Keracare. For the rest of the interview, you can click here!!
Mimi has been keeping all of that beautiful hair tucked away under weaves and wigs, I guess like every other celebrity does to protect their strands. Good going Mimi