Aside from her natural beauty, the star of OWN's "The Haves and The Have Nots" Tika Sumpter has hair just as gorgeous. Normally on the show she wears sew-ins as a protective style but I think that her natural hair would broadcast her real beauty.

The Queen's born starlet used to blog about her hair but has stopped a few years ago. In the above picture, do you see how thick and lovely her all natural hair is? OMG that is my goal length and health overall. Sheeesh!

More on her hair care

1. Biotin
“I just started taking Biotin a month ago, but so far my hair is thicker!”
“I have natural hair, and sulfate-free shampoos make my hair easier to comb through it,” she says. “I dont even blow it out—it’s so soft and un-tangled!”
“I wear so much makeup [on set] my skin gets crazy,” she says. “In between my monthly facials, I use this system to keep my skin healthy.”