Okay, well maybe I just have a big forehead. Anyhow, rather it is thin edges, receding hairline, or just a plain big ole' forehead, I plan on getting some thick edges and narrowing that space between my eyebrows and hairline.

How do I plan to do that? Good question. The honest answer is, I do not know how I will accomplish that but I am DETERMINED to make it happen at whatever cost. Now I am going to upload a picture, I don't want you to be scared because I do not have anything on my face, and I am dressed for bed. So be warned....

If you notice, my edges are not the thickest that they should be, and also not as much of my forehead is covered with baby hair. My goal is to get nice thick edges like the images below.

Now the above images are my goal edges. Nice, laid, and thick. What I am going to try to do is use jbco every night and massage it into my hairline. Not going to pull my hair back tight. Going to stop tying head scarf tightly, and lastly giving it some much needed TLC! 

So aside from taking Biotin daily, for the next three months that I am (attempting) wearing these box braids, I will oil these edges down baby!

Watch them grow.