What better day than Sunday to drool over some beautiful locks right? Well in case you have never heard of this beauty, you should get to know her gorgeous natural hair. Meet Georgia Reign, a celebrity singer and songwriter, who is also the girlfriend of comedian Michael Blackston.

Ahh, every time I look on her instagram, she exhibits the definition of a Black Queen. Maybe it's just me, or it could be that her hair, her figure, and her naturally carved features are beyond the normal beauty. I love it.

According to her instagram, she rocks her natural hair, switching between natural hairstyles with weaves, and her own textured tresses. In anyway it appears, it is nonetheless flawless.

Lord I pray that when my hair grows back in, and without the use of heat this time around, my locks are just as thick as hers. (Oh yea, and the body hehe).


Her instagram: