I know you remember Family Matters also know as the Urkel show that was big in the 90s. That show brings back so many memories from my middle school days. I remember we used I used to try to rock Kelly's hairstyles or slay my wraps like Maxine's almost every week. Of course I mother opted for the pigtails of Judy but hey, it was what it was back then. 

Now, if you remember this show, you must remember Cherie Johnson who played Maxine. Maxine was Laura's best friend and later the girlfriend of Waldo. Even back then Cherie slayed the hair game with her hair always being laid to perfection. I mean those wraps had so much body that I got sick just watching.

Look at these throwback pics

All of that hair, Gosh. Well I went looking for stars from the 90s as I often do. I wasn't surprised to see that she is on Instagram. So I as browsed her pictures, there was one that stuck out to of her hair length. 

OMG! Do you see that length check? Plus she is all natural.

  • I went digging even further into her IG account to see what I could find out about Cherie's hair maintenance and discovered she has a hair care line.
You can purchase her products by emailing her. I tried the website but it is down. The email address noted is or to contact her through Instagram, visit her at IG

I think I will invest in some of this "Wild Cherry" and report back to you all. Please shoot me an email if you have tried her product or know someone who has. I am dying to hear some feedback. 

Hope you enjoyed this feature.
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