We all have those days where we just honestly do not feel like doing anything, let alone the hair on our head. Well I found a few quick and easy styles that I have done myself or have found roaming the internet as I do daily.

  1. Half-up/Half-down: The all time never fail look. It does not matter the length of your hair, you could have recently big chopped to nothing more than a TWA and this look will definitely work for you. Since my big chop, I have done this style. You can even accomplish this style in permed, natural, crochet, box braids, dreads, nappy, kinky, silky or whatever kind of texture/style your hair is in. Very easy, less than five minutes to do and very cute
  2. Top bun: Okay, now the easiest of them all is the infamous bun. Funny thing about a bun is that you can dress a bun up in anyway or fashion to make it look different. You can even put a part in it. The time it takes to make a bun depends on the look you are going for. If your hair is too short for a bun, you can always add hair in to make it bigger. Since cutting off my hair, I have done this a few times and it always came out looking beautiful.  But for your visual, here are a few pictures of top buns.
  3. Side Braid: I love doing either one or two side braids when I am lacking time, or just not feeling it. If you can plait hair, then you can braid in a way, it doesn't have to be neat, you can do a messy braid and pin it in the back and it will still come out beautifully, just as a messy bun would. If you want to be fancy, you can hair the braid going across the front and then tie it into a bun in the back. Still less than ten minutes.
  4. Banana Clip Pin-Up: Just grab your hair up at the top of your head, or the bottom, or the side, or wherever you choose, and put the banana clip around it and BOOM! Very easy to do, but for this one, you would want at least the edges to look neat so this may take all of five to ten minutes. Again, no matter the length, it can work. On my TWA, it worked so fret not. You can dress it up with a hump in the front and put the banana clip towards the back. Or you can do a braid or twist out the night before and rock it inside the clips. Hair can be whatever texture and still work so everyone can try this quick and easy style.
  5. Ponytail: Lastly, the easiest of them all is the classic old ponytail. If you one day you are the laziest of the lazies, then this is very simple, fast, and still looks like somewhat of an effort. If you want to add hair pieces, then by all means - do so. But nothing beats a ponytail in the easiest of quick styles. You can even throw a little bang in there.

I have tried each and every one of these styles and loved them to the end of that day, lol Do you have a simple style that you do? Tag me on Instagram, I would love to see it. @IamIjanei