I know for a fact that you know what Olive Oil is used for; cooking obviously. But did you know that you can also use this product for your hair and skin? Of course you did, so did you actually try it out? Well I have, and still continue to use Olive Oil, well the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, known as EVOO in the hair hair world. 

If you have dry hair, thick hair, dirty hair, breakage, colored, permed or natural hair, this will work wonders for your tresses.

I use it for an oil rinse, a pre-poo, a sealant, and also as an itchy scalp reliever - especially when my hair is almost desert dry. I will make a separate post later for each of the ways I use EVOO but right now I am just trying to introduce you to it.

Olive Oil has been used on the hair for thousands of years. It adds shine, body, softness, and resilience to the strands, making it stronger and preventing breakage. It doesn't matter the hair type, or race of a person, Olive Oil works for everyone. Give it a try and see if you can tell a difference.

My personal experience with EVOO is back when I first started getting the length past armpit length. I would do oil rinses on my hair every week, it would be done on a Wednesday night with no Shampoo afterwards, I would just go straight to conditioner. Since my wash days were on Sundays, I would wear my hair in a bun for the remaining three days because the hair would be sort of oily still, which I did not mind since I knew it was sealed. I could tell a huge difference in thickness and shine in my hair within the first month. Results vary but the shine, you should be able to tell immediately.

Try doing an oil rinse with EVOO and tag me on instagram so I can see your results. @IAmIjanei