Alright, alright! I know I have been gone for a long while but trust, it was for a good reason.  I know you guys are like "what is the excuse now?" Right?

But wait, give me time to explain. See I have been working on a bigger and better site just for you all. One that will be easier to manage from my phone so that I can post on the go and on location. I do work a full-time job, I also am taking classes along side writing these books. I work out like beyond comprehension as of lately, so my time is occupied a lot. Don't forget, I have to get family time in there. Understand? BUT I promise, I am going to make it to where not even a week goes by without at least two posts. Especially since my journey is not getting to the most interesting phase of growth. So stay tuned and also stay connected with me through twitter (Ijanei) and instagram (IAmIjanei).