Browsing the hair care aisle in Target, I came across these two products. They stood out to me because they looked like something to drink, and at that moment in time, I was beyond hungry and thirsty, so a girl was looking at everything that looked edible. Well I grabbed up both bottles and read through the descriptions. What captured me at that point is that it said "Bamboo Coconut Water." Hmm...interesting.

After buying the shampoo and conditioner for $5.99 each, I came home and looked the products up. This product line is from Renpure. They claim to offer "Hair Care Free From Parabens, Sulfates & Synthetic Colors."

We're concerned about the chemicals that all of us are exposed to in shampoos and conditioners, so we've developed a new line of hair care products FREE from harmful chemicals.
How could you lose with that? They have different products under them that I will try at a later date but the description of the Bamboo Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner drew me in.

This advanced formulation provides your hair with a nourishing blend of bamboo oils meant to take you hair to a whole new level of freshness. Boost your hair with a formula that offers weightless moisture, a rich-foaming lather for results you can clearly see.
I have only used the products twice and what I can tell you is that my hair is refreshed, feels clean, and I honestly have less itching, also very soft and pillow-ish. Usually the products I used are Tresemme and I still always have an itchy scalp but Tresemme always makes my hair feel smooth and light.

It never hurts to try something new, just make sure to stick with it for at least a month or two. I am in my first month with this product and do not have any complaints. I cowash my hair normally about three times a week so the real measure will come after the bottles are empty.

Bamboo Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner claims to moisturize and heal the hair from the cuticles to the ends. Combined with real oils and Coconut Water, there is absolutely nothing to lose with trying this on your strands.