As women, we always worry about our weight, "I need to lose a few pounds," or "I am too skinny, I wish I could gain," or even, "I wish I had her curves." It never fails when it comes to our weight. Sigh.

No matter what, we are never satisfied. Always comparing ourselves to the next woman's body. Most of it stems from what the world perceives as beautiful, or fit. Growing up, I was always toothpick thin; I dare not had one curve on my body. I went through being teased, called Olive Oyl to Gumby. Of course I laugh now, but at times it did hurt my feelings. So with that struggle to gain weight, in my twenties, I found ways that increased mass, I slowly started putting on weight and loved every minute of it. I got comfortable and laid off of the supplements for a while. Now that I hit a plateau years ago, I have constantly been gaining weight and trying hard to lose some of it. I'm not overweight, but not "satisfied" with where I am.

In the old days, women having curves and being a size 12 was looked at as beautiful, not flawed. A few extra pounds are what a man loves, they say, but why should we always worry about being "perfect" in a man's eyes? Why can't we just be happy with who we are at whatever size we are? So as of today, I take the pledge, to get healthy FOR ME; not for society standards. 

The goal shouldn't be whether to lose lose weight, or to gain weight, it should be set on getting healthy - being perfectly fit in your own skin. The scale is just a number, I have learned that. Start taking before an after pictures to measure your progress, also take measurements. If you have a goal in mind, make sure it is to be the best you, not the best compared to someone else's body. 

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