Have y'all witnessed Remy Ma's Transformation since coming home from Prison? Lord, have mercy on me because she is straight fire now. In case you are unfamiliar with who Remy Ma (formerly known as Remy Martin) is, she is a female rapper known for being part of (R.I.P) Big Pun's rap group "Terror Squad." Remy has had hits like "Whutever", the catchy song from 2006, and "Conceited" in that same year. My favorite song by Remy had to be "Feel So Good" featuring the hit-making singer/songwriter/producer, Neyo.

If you remember, Remy Ma went to prison in 2008 for a shooting incident outside of a New York City nightclub. Before she began her time, Remy was a name most were getting familiar with. I remember she was the rough-looking chick (not in a bad sense but "hood). She always stood out to me because the front bang area of her hair was always golden blonde.
Credit: Spokeo

Now fast forward six years to her release from prison in August of 2014

First selfie Credit to Remy Ma Instagram Page
 The following pics shows how much of a transition Remy has gone though since being home and also from her first days on the scene. Incredible. Props to Remy because she is def killing it right now. Follow her instagram to follow her journey into entertainment and the adaption after prison.

(All images taken from Remy's Instagram)