If you are not the normal girly-girl who always wears lipstick, but yet you are trying to learn the basics of wearing it, then Revlon's Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor is perfect for you. I do not whatsoever wear lip liners, lipstick, or lip colors, I stick to lip gloss. Now as I am getting older, I am trying to venture out into make-up and learn how to make my features "pop."

Once again, in Target, I came across this lipcolor by Revlon and had to try it. Well, I thought it was lip gloss until I got home and applied it (see above image). I loved it. It was not sticky, it felt just like my natural bare lips. I wore it all day and even wear it to take a nap and NONE of it smeared, or came off onto my pillow. Another key note is that even after licking my lips, it did not leave any lipstick residue on my teeth.

If you want something long-lasting, simple, and bare, give this lip coloring a try.