Oh my goodness, I am so happy to announce the remake of ScaryHairObsession with something that all of us can relate to, other than hair. As woman (and some men) are into more than just hair. We like things like clothes, shoes, our body, skincare, make-up, jewelry, and girl-talk, I'm talking things we always obsess over. So what better way to have it all answered in one place.

What is this new site?
So I know you are curious as to what this "Her Scary Obsessions" is about right? Not that I haven't mentioned it in the above statement, but it is just basic things we obsess over. I know these are things I am always on Instagram, Google, and Pinterest searching for. This site is not just for women, or black people, or for naturals, this is a site for everyone that is mostly catered towards women of culture.

What will this site offer?
This site will offer insight into the lives of women. It will provide health tips, recipes, hairstyles, the newest shoes, fitness motivation, beautiful boutiques, the hottest reads, skincare, make-up, and relationship topics among other things.

Are you looking for guest bloggers?
Absolutely. We have a spot just for you. Just send an email to us by clicking the link.
Email us.

Thank you for remaining loyal as so many changes have taken place since I started blogging. I hope this experience will be better than ever and hopefully help with you daily life as we struggle with being women in a man's world.