Nothing better than feeling clean and refreshed. But what is your preference in terms of washing? Do you prefer bar soaps or body washes? Because I like feeling COMPLETELY refreshed, clean, and soft, I use both. I start with the bar soap (which is usually Irish Spring or Coast), after I coat my entire body with the bar soap, I wash off then use a body wash because I don't like the streaky (yes I have problems) feeling left behind from the soap.

The body wash offers a sense of moisture and softness after rinsing off. Let me tell you it is the best feeling in the world to smell like peaches, vanilla cream, strawberries, or whatever other fragrance the body wash you choose to use has in it.

Call me crazy but I figure the bar soaps rinse away all of the stress from the day, all of the worries, then the body wash comes behind and eases your mind and relaxes you with it's heavenly scent. There. I made sense of it even though it makes no sense.

That may be true, but I bet I had you thinking about it. Hehe