I have a habit of starting, but not completing something. In the past, I did complete the DVD by fitness mother and daughter duo, Lana and Ellen Ector, called "Black Girls Workout Too." Believe it or not, I saw results, it felt great to actually see them. Thing was, I was not for sure how much I weighed at because I didn't take measurements before and after but the results were very noticeable. 

The results were apparent after only seven days of the program. Since I had results with BGWOT before, I may go that same route again. But I want something more challenging. Maybe I may do BGWOT in the AM and do something else in the evening after work. 

Deciding on the evening workout will be the challenge. I could go with Fitness Blender workouts, or any of the Beach Body products. I tried Insanity in the past also and the muscle definition was there, yet it seemed as if I was not losing. I also tried the 21 Day Fix and loved the workouts. Just didn't stick to it long enough to see results. 

Beach Body has a new program by instructor Shaun T called Cize. It's a dance fitness type of workout, which I would love to try, but I think I am going to stick to what my body knows for now. 
So there it is, BGWOT in the morning, and in the evening I will do some sort of dance cardio from youtube. 

Take that fat.