She said it herself at her famous Formation Tour. What singer, model, and actress, Beyonce Knowles-Carter is trying to say is that she does not want you to worship her, or think of her as a God. She is human just like you and I. The Beyhive, as the heavily clad fans call themselves are not only looking to worship Beyonce, they also created various online and community programs in her honor as God on Earth. Hmm. That's taking it a little to far, but not for those at the Church of Bey.

What is even creepier than that is that a woman killed herself as a sacrifice to Beyonce. I mean that's overboard. I am not going to worship someone that is walking this Earth, especially at the same time as me.  To each its own thought. But Beyonce said, please stop the nonsense. So PLEASE, PLEASE STOP.