I ask this question because one day, I will have my own family. When that day comes, or even with my nieces and nephews, I will have to handle it somehow. So, with that being said, as an adult, who did not date until I was 19, have to say that I will I had experimented  little sooner than that but in a way, I am glad I waited that long. Originally, I never that dating would be so difficult. I thought it was just about two people just saying "I love you," or going on dates, but I soon learned it is muuuch more to it than that. 

Personally, I will allow my child to have what I call "friendships" at the age of fifteen. I saw friendships because that is exactly what they will remain, "friends" until they understand that "going together" is not as easy as it sounds or looks. They can not start dating until the age of 17, which is the age of consent for sex in most states. I decided on dating at 17 due to the fact they have to get out there and know what is out there in the world, before they are pushed forward into adulthood. 

At 17, they understand more about a relation, or at least, what they learned from a good talk with parents. Talking with your children is key. My mother started talking to me at the age of  nine. Lol That's another post for later, but my point is, too young of age dating causes your teen to only focus on that boy/girl. They begin to lose focus elsewhere and even often become disassociated from family thinking that all of their time must be spent with their new found interest. Not going to happen on my watch. If you are a teen, then you should act accordingly, not saying you cannot have fun, but your focus is your grades, extracurricular activities, friends, living life, and family.

That's just my personal choice with my nieces, nephews, and my own children. What age do you think is appropriate for your children to date?