Since Gucci Mane's release from prison on May 26th, 2016, there have been rumors circling that the controversial rapper was cloned while behind bars. Fans claim he does not sound the same (noting his slimmer appearance), look the same, and the infamous ice cream cone tattoo that once overtook his face, is no longer present. Of course conspiracy theorists were all over this one for obvious reasons, but whose to say that Gucci didn't go to prison, worked out harder than ever since he had nothing but time on his hands in here, and also had the tattoo removed (by prison techniques, I suppose. Albeit tattoos can fade over time.) Also, maybe his way of talking more like an adult is just not part of his reformed thinking? I would hope he came home from prison a better person with a different mindset otherwise, he will be right back in there due to the same way of thinking.

What is your opinion?