OMG. Talking about creepy, creative, and crazy....that would mean talking about Kanye West and his insane new showing of his song Famous off of album, The Life of Pablo. Watching the "video" from the start you can tell it is going to be something that is hard to watch, yet intriguing to where you cannot take your eyes off of.

It begins with Kanye west in the center of the bed, then spreads out to show Kim Kardashian (his wife), then ventures to the others in the bed. The "famous" people all are laying on one huge appearing to be in a deep sleep. The bodies are all nude. The bodies are not real however, they are replicas of course that also breathe.

Among the bodies on the bed to the left of Kanye are Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, and George Bush. To the right f Kim Kardashian-West is the man who blew up her celebrity -Ray J, Kanye's ex - Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, and lastly Bill Cosby. Can you now saw awkward, creepy, and creative but again, creepy?

What makes it even more eerie is that when the music stops, you can hear someone breathing over the bodies as the camera scans over them giving you a visual of them sleep and breathing. Who is holding the camera? Guess that is the cost of being famous, the paps are always there to catch those intimate moment, huh?

To see the live viewing of Famous, click here. There is a nine minute interval before the video starts but it will play after that.