After last week's tragedy in Orlando, Florida with the shooting at a gay club, can you believe there is still hate against the LGBT community in Florida? I mean it is one thing to disagree with a lifestyle someone lives but to actually hate someone because of something that has nothing to do with you, AND bring God into your theatrics is disgusting. Just my personal opinion.

Westboro Baptist Church says they will protest the funerals of the victims shot during the attack at Pulse Nightclub. They said the shooter "was sent from God." Sick. That's a life you are talking about. The police are aware the church will protest at the funerals and really can't do anything about it due to the Freedom of Speech act.

Just when you think this world cannot get any worse than what it already is, life just shows you that there is no end to how deep it can really get. Even if you look at their website, it is filled with pure hate. The website name alone hints that (

You can view their hateful twitter account here, but if one is so "holy" who are you to judge?