On June 3rd, the great professional boxer Muhammad Ali passed away at the age of 74. Yesterday, thousands turned out to pay their respects to the "GOAT." Thursday service was lead by Muslim tradition called Jenazah, held over 14,000 mourners in his home state of Kentucky.

It seems like a beautiful home service for the "Sting like a Bee" boxer. According to family, he had everything already outline what he wanted in case of his death, including an eugulogy to be given by former president Bill Clinton, and also comedian Billy Crystal (who I love by the way).

Thursday's service will be followed Friday by a morning funeral procession through the streets of Louisville (see route on map, above), followed by a public memorial service at the KFC Yum! Center arena. Former President Bill Clinton, sportscaster Bryant Gumbel and comedian Billy Crystal are among those expected to deliver eulogies.

To watch online the funeral service, click here.

Mourners snapped photos and took videos of the somber moment as the boxer's body was brought into the Freedom Hall
Courtesy of DailyMail
The three-time world champion boxer's body was wheeled into Freedom Hall by officials for Thursday's Jenazah serviceImam Zaid Shakir presides over Muhammad Ali's Jenazah inside Freedom Hall on Thursday in Louisville, KentuckyLaila Ali is pictured above holding her daughter, Sydney, as Lonnie bows her head while wearing dark sunglasses inside the service