It's very unfortunate that this tragedy had to happen for people to see that #gaylivesmatter. Just a few years ago, people were banning gay marriages, then a few weeks ago, the big debate over the use of public bathrooms being used by both genders, and we can't forge the disgust a lot had for Bruce Jenner, now all of a sudden, a tragedy occurs and everyone is on a band wagon once again. No offense to any one in particular, but this whole epidemic is beginning to be too much. My heart goes out to the victims of the shooting as well as their family. No one deserves to be gunned down in the manner they were for simply enjoying a night out.

I love analyzing individuals based off of behavior. So I put together a quick facts checklist to understand why this happened? There is no valid reasoning behind the attack that left 49 dead and over 50 injured during the Orlando Nightclub Shooting that happened on Saturday night. But it had to be "something" behind the madness to actually carry out this terrorist attack.

The shooter: Omar Mateen

  • 29 years of age
  • Born in New York
  • Married
  • Pledged allegiance to ISIS through a 911 call prior to shooting
  • Shooting occurred at a Latin gay club
  • Voiced his hatred for gays, Jews, other minorities 
  • Afghan descent 
  • At some point the FBI had an active investigation on Omar Mateen but had closed it prior to incident citing that there was nothing conclusive.
  • Shooting happened during the month of Ramadan, which is the time ISIS calls out its followers to carry out attacks around the world. (sick)
  • Was a security who held rights to have a gun
  • Father attempted to run for presidency in Afghanistan and supported the Taliban
  • Purchased two guns days prior to attack
  • Held a Criminal Justice Degree
  • Applied for the police academy before
  • Stalked and threatened coworkers because of ethnicity
  • Batterer. (He beat his ex-wife). 
  • Had an aggressive type behavior and could flip at any moment, displaying rage
  • Claims to have been disgusted and upset
  •  due to seeing two men kissing in front of his 3 year-old son
The mindset of this "individual" is one of a deranged man, very unstable. Seems to have been overlooked even though he displayed his hate for others vocally. Why was he not under a microscope due to his affiliation with Aghanistan radical groups? I am just not understanding. I just pray that one day we all can live in a peaceful world. You never know when you walk out of the door if someone is having a bad day and may shoot up a supermarket, just because. It has to end!

Dead Victims
Photos of the scene:
courtesy of ABCNews