I posted my workout for Sunday/Thursday and Monday/Friday, therefore I will post for Tuesday/Saturday which is actually something most will enjoy. It's not complicated at all. If you love to just move and dance, that's all to it for Tuesdays/Saturdays. Have fun while loosing weight, or toning up. 

There are plenty of dance cardio videos on youtube. I combined a playlist in case you are wondering which ones I normally would do on these days. 

If you prefer a more structured Zumba type of workout, try one similar to this. 

The whole objective is to keep moving throughout the whole 45 minutes to 1 hour  you are dancing. If you need to stop to drink some water, don't rest for more than 1 to 2 minutes. Get right back into it. In no time, you will be in great shape and health. Hope this helps.