I love working out, even though my weight fluctuates because of my resistance to say the word "no" to food that I know should not be having. I came up with a custom-made workout that I know works for my body and what I want as far as goals.

So as  marker, I am placing a beginning picture with my current measurements and will post weekly of the results. I know most people like me are interested in pictures to see results and not numbers. The scale is not always my friend but if I see changes in my body that are positive, I am going to keep going. If my own program is successful, I will post the workout plan. I just have to control the nutrition part to see the best results.

Day 1 Before
We are the worst when we are judging our own body. Mind you, I never had issues with losing weight before because I was always so skinny, after trying for years to gain weight, it is hard to get it off now. My lowest weight which I maintained for years was 110, way too thin. I was satisfied when I blew up to 145 to 155. I loved those numbers and the way it looked on me. Fast forward, my heaviest which was last May, was 203 lbs. Wow. I lost 23 pounds since then but now my weight keeps going up to between 177 and 181. Ugh. The struggle to be fit. Currently, I am 181 and determined to get to 169 by July 21, just in time for my vacation to the beach. 

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I know I said I was not going to post my routine, but dammit, I know there are others out there just like me searching for a start. This routine will be done on Sundays and Thursdays. I have plans for the other days. Keep watching. You do not need equipment for this workout except for Part I. You can use a Jug of Milk to lift if you do not have any dumbbells. I use 10 lbs dumbbells but you can go as low as 3.

March in place - 1 minute
Jumping Jacks - 1 minute
Jog in place - 1 minute
Wind Mill - 1 minute (30 seconds each way)
Side to Side Kicks - 1 minute
Stretch (1 minute)

60 minute workout routine

Part I
Shoulder Lifts -1 min
Bicep Curls - 1 min
Bicep Curl to Shoulder Lift - 1 min
Butt Kicks -1 min
Repeat 3 x

Water Break for 1 minute. Don't stop moving.

Part II
Sumo Squats - 1 min
Lunges - 1 min
Side Kicks - 1 min
Step ups - 1 min
Repeat 3x

Water Break for 1 minute. Don't stop moving.

Part III
Crunches - 1 min
Bicycle - 1 min
Russian Twists - 1 min
Plank - 1 min
Repeat 3x

Cool Down Stretch.