So during tonight's game, a moment was captured of a young woman making a very provocative movement with her sex appeal, geared towards NBA talent Steph Curry, who happens to be married to one of the most sainty-est (I know that is not a word) woman in the world, Ayesha Curry; the housewife and businesswoman that every woman wants or rather should be like.

So the question is...who is this young temptress, and what was her motive. To find out this question, of course I had to use my research talent to dig deeper than what most are willing to do. Perhaps this young woman was just taking a swig from her cup and was wiping her lips from water she was drinking and the camera just caught everything at the wrong time. JUST MAYBE.

Who is this woman?

Her name is Roni Rose. She is a stripper and also has been in a lot of music videos. She is also an attractive woman who happens to be the hot topic right now. I know she was married as of two years ago, not sure about the recent, but if she is, she has some explaining to do.

Now the big question is, what was her motive behind this suggestive move? Who knows, but we all feel a certain way when our crush is right in front of us, maybe she was just brave enough to display what her mind was thinking albeit he is a married man. Guess we will find out after the many of interviews I am sure she will be doing for the next few weeks.