If you say The Conjuring, then I know you most likely are anticipating the release of The Conjuring 2 coming out this weekend (June 10th). For a little run-down on the movie...
In 1977, paranormal investigators Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren come out of a self-imposed sabbatical to travel to Enfield, a borough in north London. There, they meet Peggy Hodgson, an overwhelmed single mother of four who tells the couple that something evil is in her home. Ed and Lorraine believe her story when the youngest daughter starts to show signs of demonic possession. As the Warrens try to help the besieged girl, they become the next target of the malicious spirits.

Ohh creepy right? What is creepier is the fact that this is really based off of a true story. If you are a paranormal freak like I am, you have to know who the real life Warrens are. A married couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren, were American paranormal investigators and authors associated with prominent cases of haunting. Cases like The Haunting in Connecticut that was also made into a movie. They have appeared on numerous paranormal shows and even have written books on the cases they have encountered. I know a lot of people do not believe in these types of things, but I know for a fact, they exist, I've witnessed with my own eyes. 

Anyway, get ready to be scared and snuggled up this weekend with this thriller.

Watch the trailer below.