What is worse than being on vacation and suddenly, one of your children is grabbed by an alligator and pulled underneath the water? Nothing for the parents of two-year-old, Lane Graves. I can not imagine the pain and grief they are enduring during this time and will be enduring probably forever. The incident happened at a Disney Resort in Florida. Now officials are investigating the safety at the infamous Disney World Beaches. Therefore as of Tuesday night, all nine of the resorts beaches have been closed.

According to CNN,
The boy's family was at a movie night outdoors at the Grand Floridian resort when around 9 p.m. the boy waded into about a foot of water in a lagoon, authorities have said. Witnesses, including the boy's horrified parents, tried to save him. His father jumped in and tried to pry the gator's mouth open. His mother jumped in, too.
But it was too late. The child was dragged underwater in the Seven Seas Lagoon, witnesses told authorities. The lagoon is connected to a series of canals that feed into large bodies of water, Wiley said earlier.

It must have been pure horror at the scene. Unfortunately and expected was the body of Lane was discovered six feet below in murky water that was drained. What was unexpected is his body didn't have any bite marks and remained intact. Ultimately, he had drowned. My heart goes out to this family.

But there have also been an outcry because the child wondered off in a "natural habitat" with wildlife. Apparently some say there are signs posted sporadically about stating do not swim or feed the alligators. The alligator was just acting as he normally would in his "natural habitat."  In Florida alone, there are an estimated 1.3 million alligators in this state.

No matter what your stance is, you have to keep in mind that this family just witnessed a horrific attack and probably will never get that image of their son being dragged underneath of water by an alligator.