I'm sure you all remember this post about Rasheeda Frost's hair. Well now since I have been getting so many requests to do an update on her regimen, I finally decided to do one. The all-to-naturally beautiful Rasheeda still remains true to her roots by rocking her natural hair as often as possible in between shoots. She does acknowledge she does wear extensions but she loves the versatility of her real, natural curly hair.

Just to update further, she loves to rock her famous bun at the top of her head still but I noticed she also now wears a ponytail to the back with a part down the middle. In either still, it's still cute to rock when you are in one of those morning rushes.

As far as hair products and supplements, she claims to take HairFinity but every one with over 15k followers on instagram claim that for paid promo, although I do believe Rasheeda actually takes her faithful. She says it keeps her hair healthy from the roots. But the products I do say she uses daily to protect, nourish, seal, and help with growth is the brand named Curls. She uses the Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil & Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave-In Conditioner, Hair Growth Oil by Curls, and The Blueberry Bliss reparative hair mask. I have seen her for weeks use these products on her natural hair. The products seem to be doing her hair justice because it going strong, and long.

Throwback. She always had long hair, even when it was colored.