Whatever happened to Miss. Cleo? You the infamous "see it all" psychic from the 90s? The one who used to say, "Call me now," with the Caribbean accent?
Yes that one. I wonder where she is now. To answer that question, I had to also find an answer because that is what you came here for too, right?

Well first I found out that  Miss Cleo is not even Jamaican after all and was born right in Los Angeles, California. Before she appeared on TV as Miss Cleo, she had been in production for several plays she had wrote but fell into debt heavily, which caused her to flee leaving the crew with no type of payment. She told them that she had to leave because she developed bone cancer.

After various solicitation charges and lawsuits, the network of Miss Cleo was shut down. After that, she appeared in a few car dealership commercials in Florida but that was back in the early 2000s. Only thing recent on her is her semi documentary about the rise and fall of Miss Cleo. It is also noted that she is a lesbian, not that it matters but just thought you would like to know. She also voiced over on Vice City - Grand Theft Auto

Now the question is, was she a true psychic? Some say they were pleased with their experience with her, but she seems to be a conniving woman, but full of entertainment.