After 13 years of marriage to Kendu Isaacs, soulful singer, Mary J. Blige filed for divorce after it was determined "irreconcilable differences." Kendu Isaacs was Blige's manager, or should I say former manager. What is a good thing about this situation is that the couple did not have any children together, although Isaac has three children. Mary does not have any children.

If you recall, the couple has been in the news regarding their relationship since back in 2009 when an altercation led to Mary J. Blige punching her husband in the face at an event. People claim she was yelling at Kendu asking whether or not he was going to "Chris Brown" her. Interesting.

“He always has my back – he’s going to fight to the death for Mary J Blige,” she admitted. “The downside is that there’s no separation – it’s on all the time. When you don’t feel like answering to your manager, he’s still your husband. If one of you doesn’t want to talk about something right now, you have to respect that. And you have to respect each other’s space.”

Maybe the cause of the relationship failing was too much time together.

“All females for me, all guys for him,” the 43-year-old revealed. “There’s none of that, ‘Oh, that’s my female friend. Oh, that’s my guy friend.’ No. Not in a marriage, I’ve never seen that work.”

Or maybe they needed to get out more with others. Who knows the real reason behind the separation but I always say, if you worked on it, and it is not something that you both want, it is time to go. Why stay in a relationship where you are unhappy? Either way, it is a private matter and I wish the two of them luck in their paths.

Her instagram page is also deleted as of now.