A new billboard phrase has been popping up in various places in the U.S. A sign that most likely will impact or upset terrorist or aspiring terrorists.

There were reports of this same exact sign first being posted in Chicago, now it is reports of this billboard along a Phoenix Highway.
"So it's kind of good to separate the two and be like, 'Hey ISIS, you suck--from, actual Muslims,' because what ISIS pursues and what ISIS stands for is actually not in our religion at all," said Fara Arefi, a community member of the Muslims community. 

The group hopes to put more billboards up like this around the U.S to show American that they are not on the same agenda as terrorists. Do you think this is a great message and will help the tension between Muslim-Americans and the rest of the U.S when dealing with each other and the stereotypes? I hope so. Everyone deserves a fair chance. America is a great land, whether we all believe it or see it.

The billboard was brought to you and paid for by Soundvision.Com. Check out there webpage for up to date news on Muslim affairs.