Reality TV star/singer, Jhonni Blaze is a victim of domestic abuse according to her. Domestic abuse is nothing to play around with as this is a serious matter that affects one in ever few households. The aftermath of such abuse is sort of like PTSD for most. Well Jhonni took to her instagram and first claimed to have fallen which resulted in losing a few front teeth. Come to find out, allegedly, her and her boyfriend (who I will not give any shine to in cases like this) got into an altercation and he is the real reason for her missing teeth.

No man ever has the right to put their hand(s) on a female unless to restrain her, but to actually cause this such harm, is something I am sure the singer will get through this but never subject yourself to someone who does not value you. Love and support for you Jhonni. Remember, this is not the first time she has been in a relationship like this. She has to wise up and not be so trusting in everyone. A sweet girl just looking for love but she is finding it in all the wrong places.

She has since deleted the instagram posts that she just posted but not before I got a few screenshots.
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These are just a few screenshots that she recently deleted. SMH