Whether you find it disrespectful or just simply a place where fans can go for a more personal look into the world of the former entertainer, Prince, but his home will be open this October for tours. Now I don't know how to feel about this to be honest. I mean, this is the home where the Purple Rain singer died, inside of an elevator not even close to a year ago. In fact, it's only been four months since Prince died of an apparent overdose at the age of 57. 

Tours will cost $37.50 and will run in groups of 25 to 30. You can VIP for smaller groups for $100.00. The tour will offer views of the mansion, two studios, and several other rooms from a dance floor and performing stage. The company who manages the tour is also the same company who has managed tours for Elvis Presley's Memphis home, Graceland.

Will you purchase a ticket? Or is this just too much for you to believe.

"Opening Paisley Park is something that Prince always wanted to do and was actively working on," said a statement from Tyka Nelson, Prince's sister. "Only a few hundred people have had the rare opportunity to tour the estate during his lifetime. Now, fans from around the world will be able to experience Prince's world for the first time as we open the doors to this incredible place."

 Here is a sneak peak inside the home of Prince.