OMG, my hair has been the most dry of all dry seasons ever. Okay, maybe that didn't make sense but the point still remains that I am talking about my hair being desert dry. It was so dry that my scalp was itching nonstop and was flaking up. Keep in mind, I wash my hair every two or three days but this week, I haven't done any of that, nor have I oiled my scalp in so long that I doubt it would even recognize the feeling. 
So what I decided to do was a home "stimulating re-hydration" treatment. This treatment is very simple to relieve itchy scalp, dry, brittle, and also dull hair at the same time. All you need is one egg (depending on the thickness/length of your hair), and one or two teaspoons of cayenne pepper. 

The egg is for protein, dullness, to provide Vitamins A, D, B-12, and E, also amino acids and Sulfur, which is a growth stimulate. An egg can provide the moisture that your hair is lacking, hence why it is so dry, which can then result in breakage. Aside for moisture, it provides incredible shine. Egg is one of the most looked over ingredient for healthy hair. 

Now, I know you are asking, "Okay, so the egg has importance, why do I even need the Cayenne Pepper then?" To answer that question, I can tell you that it speeds up hair growth by stimulating the scalp with it's "spiciness." If that makes sense. Anyway, I found this chart below to help you understand the benefits and how Cayenne works for your hair.
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Now are you ready to see what my hair looked like before, and now after? Of course you are, what other way to see results than actually SEEING results. 

Notice how dry it looks. There is no shine present whatsoever. 

During the Process:

I covered my hair while I cooked dinner which was about for 30 minutes. I didn't have a shower cap so I opted to use a plastic bag from grocery shopping. What a great way to recycle right? hehe

I rinsed out the mixture with warm water. Then I applied shampoo and thoroughly scrubbed through my hair and scalp for about three minutes. After rinsing everything out, I applied conditioner and left it on while I showered. 

The results: Wait for the shine. May want to cover your eyes.

Now, feeling my hair, it's so soft. like a feather. It's so light, and my scalp feels super clean. I have not had an itch at all and usually, after washing my hair, it itches. On this pic, there is no product as of yet and it is not filtered at all. The shine is real. 

Hope this helps you in your hair journey. Feel free to tag me if you try this. You can use hashtag #HerScaryObsessions or tag me directly @IamIjanei

Also stay tuned, youtube videos will be coming soon.