Then make sure you visit Wildwood Beach in New Jersey. I have been going for the past three year but this visit, which marks my fourth time at this beach, has been the best thus far. The weather was perfect, the boardwalk was live, everyone was so friendly, and the atmosphere was just perfect. 

Originally I had heard of Wildwood NJ as I was looking for places to surprise my fiance for his birthday. He had never been on a vacation in his life and I thought I would take him there to kill two birds with one stone. It was by luck that I found this beach town. I didn't know that on most beaches you had to pay for and by luck, this one it is a public beach resort. 

With all of the race issues going on in the world, I had to see if there was different cultures that frequented that area. Back in 2013 when we first went, there were not many other cultures, but now in 2016, all I saw this visit was a rich mix culture of colors. It was beautiful, very peaceful. 

Wildwood NJ has miles of beach land so not everyone is crowded into one space. What is so cool is that there is even a dog area for the dogs to swim on the beach. The hotels are affordable, nothing too ridiculous, and the food on the boardwalk is delicious, especially Mack's Pizza. I always finish up the pizza with a nice fried ice cream, yummmy! 

Speaking of the boardwalk, there are three amusement parks, including a waterpark so you will definitely not be bored to death here.

There's this restaurant that I always pass and this time, we decided to stop at it. It's called The Boathouse. They have a live band during certain hours on the main floor. But if you love the view of the water like I do, then you will request the deck which has an awesome view of the incoming small boats as you are eating. If you stop by there, just remember to mention the blog you saw it on, I don't know what help it will do but it's worth a try, hehe. 

Lastly, take a boat ride on the Speeding Bullet. It's a controlled speed boat that ventures out into the Atlantic Ocean, along the beach. It takes you out just far enough for the dolphins to swim alongside the boat. A great place to take pictures. 

If you have never gone, you are missing out. I live in Brooklyn NY and for me, it's an three to four hour drive with traffic. Go and have fun before summer ends. Enjoy.  Take pics and tag me in them so I can see your summer fun.