As I was browsing the aisle in Walgreens (which happens to be my favorite store for some strange reason), I came across an item that was for sale in the hair care aisle. Of course being a hair fanatic, I glanced at the ingredients and decided to make the purchase. It was shampoo and conditioner brought to you by Garnier's new line Honey Treasures by Whole Blends.

As of now, there are only three products to this line which consists of Shampoo, Conditioner, and a repairing hair mask. Well at the time, I did not see the repairing hair mask so I just bought what they did have. I am so glad that I decided to try a new brand because when I tell you it made my hair the softest, lightest, and bounciest EVER, you will think I am exaggerating. And note, I do not get paid at all for this blog so my word is just that, MY WORD. 

What caught my eyes in the first place was the golden bottle and the word "honey" on there. That's when I checked the ingredients second. So after working long and hard, I came home, showered, and washed my hair. OMG, the shampoo lathers up so good, that it literally takes you to heaven. Remember those commercials back in the day where people who used Tresemme would be in some sort of seductive state with their shampoo routine? Well that's how I felt with this. It's not runny like White Rain, nor is it too thick. It's just right. Now after conditioning, your hair feels as soft as a feather and smells good enough to take you away to paradise. You couldn't ask for more. 

To answer some questions, yes, my hair is dyed (colored) so this products does not cause any problems with that at all. Honey Treasures moisturizes from the inside out resulting in less breakage.

If you want to try a new line, make sure you try Honey Treasures by Garnier's Whole Blends.