So I've been looking to sort of jump start my diet or should I say, "healthier options in eating lifestyle." Since I research everything prior to starting it, I found something that may help me in beginning this journey. It's by way of a Salt Water Flush.

Now you may ask, what exactly is a SWF right? So let me give you a broken down version of it so that you understand what I am putting my body through. A SWF has been used for thousands of years to rid the body of toxins and build-up. It's a natural alternative to laxatives in other words. It consists of two ingredients: Sea Salt Non-Iodine and Water. The salt must state Sea Salt and also must state non-iodine based, which means, table salt that you season your food with, is not the salt you need to be using for this cleanse.

The solution consists of two teaspoons of the Sea Salt into 32 oz of warm water. I can tell you the taste will make most gag so if you want to drip some juice from a lemon in there, then do so. Otherwise you will be chucking up your guts out of both ends.

You came for my testimonial of the SWFso here it goes. Keep in mind, you are supposed to fast six hours prior to taking the solution, in which, I only waited two hours after I ate. That is why the say do the flush in the morning after your body has gone through its natural fasting process while you sleep. Anyhow, that may have affected my results. The flush was over before it even kicked in.

10:35 p.m I mixed the flush and was done drinking by 10:45. Getting it down was not as bad as the first time I had attempted it but I just had to keep a mouthful in then swallow back at one time. 😣

Right afterwards it says to lay on your right side ro kind of get things....moving, if you know what I mean. Well 15 minutes after drinking it, I heard sounds in my stomach. I didnt have to go to the bathroom or anything but it did make me belch. All of a sudden, I started getting nauseous about a half an hour in. After a full hour, I had to let loose, and not in the way it should have been, but orally. I vomitted all over my kitchen floor. I felt so weak, and purely sick to my stomach. It was not a good feeling at all and honestly, I will NEVER try this method again. 

After vomitting everywhere, I did feel much better. I was however fatigued by this point. 
I should have done what I done in the past and dieted. Start from day one instead of trying to find a quick fix. The SWF says to drop 6 to 12 lbsof waste from your body and doing it that way, at least to me, is not the best or healthiest way to go about dropping those pounds. Stick to a regiment, workout daily, and have fun while getting fit. It's actually fun to learn new things and new processes your body undergoes when you treat it well.