Challenge time for the new year. That means, many people are preparing to start what they have been putting off just for (another) new year to roll around - yes, those awful New Year's Resolutions. I have a few of my own that I am determined to stick to this year.

  1. Hair Goals: For starters, I vow to not straighten my hair for the next six months. 
     Please don't look at me like that, because I'm serious this time. I will not straighten my hair until June 2017. Correction, I will blow-dry though, but will not use "direct" heat like the flatiron on my strands until June. Wish me luck.
  2. Body Goals: I plan to workout at least 5-6 days a week and have the body that I used to have. I miss being able to slip on a pair of 7/8 jeans and look cute in them. I miss not having to struggle to breathe when I'm laying down at night. Sigh.
    This is literally me, EVERY day
  3. Business Goals: I want to focus on my home business this year. Many know of me as being a writer for many. I want to focus on my own writing now. I have a publishing company and a brand coming in 2017. I just want to put my all into this project and make it a success.
  4. Financial Goals: I want financial freedom. I plan to eliminate debt by half this year. I owe student loans out of this world and other bad habits that I want to take care of before credit destroys me completely. I also plan to take advantage of my savings account, and actually SAVE.
  5. Educational Goals: I had to drop this semester due to a family emergency. I was almost right there from finishing my degree, BUT life happens. I plan to enroll back into college for the summer semester and fall term. I want to finish, correction, I will finish.
  6. Family Goals: I will take one weekend out of the month to spend time with family. Cherish and create memories that will last forever. Life is short, why not enjoy it while everyone is here to enjoy it.
What are some of your goals? Tag me on Instagram so I can share some of your goals and help you remember them when you feel like giving up.