So social media was in an uproar again after the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner, posted a picture of herself with "extended" curves. The curves seem to be a little too much for the 19 year-old's fans. Some praised her curvaceous body but there were plenty who accused the young beauty of photoshopping her body.

I mean, looking at the fuzzy bend of the curtains, a photoshop wizard can tell the image is manipulated in some way but maybe, the wind was blowing at the same time she was standing by the curtains, and the capture just happened to take at that particular moment giving it a slight blur, which results in a distorted picture. Make sense? Okay, maybe a far-fetched, but it could happen.

Anyway, becoming angered by many comments of 'haters,' Kylie re-captioned her picture with this new caption.
In my opinion, nothing is wrong with a little photoshopping here and there, but I understand everyone who disagrees with the added or subtracted assets due to the image one gives to those with low-self esteem, young women in the world who look up to these "celebs."

Regardless, to each its own.