Want to try something cute, quick, and easy to do? Well, this may work better for you than it did for me. I tried this previously and it came out perfect, but this time, it was a major fail, but I did find a way to make it still look cute and wearable in public.

Check out this before picture...
The hair is not combed after washing the day before. I had just worn it in a top bun the day prior. Me and my hair have this love/hate type of relationship. One minute it is the best in the world and the next, the most annoying thing ever. So since it was one of those "annoying" moments, I decided to do SOMETHING with it. 

I decided to do six mini buns (wraparound buns also known as bantu knots). I gathered the products.
Products Used:
  1. Peppermint Oil.
  2. Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  3. Garnier Whole Blends Leave in Conditioner
  4. Lottabody Setting Lotion
  5. Eco-Styler
  6. Hold & Shine Moisture Mist by Shea Moisture
I mixed the Peppermint Oil and JBCO together and applied to my scalp only. The feeling of the peppermint's tingling sensation made my scalp feel fresh and rejuvenated. Secondly, I separated the hair into a top portion and bottom portion and applied the Leave-in Conditioner to both sections. Starting with the bottom half, I separated into three parts and began to put the Lottabody setting location onto each section followed by the eco-styler. Next, roll hair into mini buns, going around and around. Pin the end down with a bobby pin. 

Continue until all three parts of the bottom are completed - move on to the top portion and do the same exact steps. Your hair should look something like this when completed.

Lastly, spray down with the Shea Moisture Mist and let the hair air dry or wrap up to sleep with over night. Since I air-dried and also slept overnight, my hair should have been dry. Unfortunately, that was not the case as it only air-dried for about six hours. Sigh*

Don't fret though, it still came out cute but not as it could have been.