The hip-hop couple, T.I and Tiny, are now becoming more public with their split. After all of the "discreet" affairs said to have been committed by both parties, it was bound to get ugly sooner rather than later. Well now, the two are going forward with the divorce, after T.I was finally served divorce papers on April 24th, 2017 after the divorce was stalled at the first attempt back in Dec of 2016.

Well with the "side-chick" coming out and being publicly embarrassed in a marriage, Tiny has had enough. Plus, T.I. probably was tired of people throwing that incident with Tiny and boxer, Floyd Mayweather, in his face, despite Tiny saying they were "good friends."

The couple have three children together and other children separately but raise them together. Of course fans are on the attack for Tiny, going as far as telling T.I he should be ashamed of himself for leaving a woman who held him down during his troubling times. 

Recently T.I went off on a fan for their views of his marriage.

“Keep living in the past and you’re doomed to repeat it,”  “Now find you something productive to do.” 

He later released the following video while on his way to a concert in Birmingham.

In his own words...
 “News flash! If I didn’t call you to ask your opinion on whether or not I should get married when I got married, please don’t think I’ll listen to your motherf***ing opinion on whether or not I should not be married.” 
The video was followed up with the caption: 
 “If I didn’t need your blessings to get married….if I didn’t ask YOU what I should do then….What makes you think I need your advice now?” 

Well, yeah, if I was Tiny, I would definitely unfollow my husband for those comments as well.
SMH.  One of my fav couples in the industry, it's unfortunate that it has to come to an end.