Image result for have and have notsTyler Perry's hit show, The Have and the Have Nots, on OWN, left us all in suspense with Melissa plotting the murder of her unborn baby's gay father, Jeffrey Harrington's, mother. Then Office Justin the gay-hating, semi-racist, police office gets jealous of his secret lover, Jeffrey Harrington's friendship with Wyatt Cryer. I mean this story is a mess. BUT I LOVE IT.

Veronica shows us just how crazy she really is when she gets into her drinking spur. Oh no, not the best African-American attorney there is... yes that is her. I think during the upcoming season, more of her past will be exposed as she continues to blackmail others including her own son, and her best friend into doing what she wants. Things are definitely going to get messy, and I haven't even mentioned Candace and the murder her and Jeffrey committed.

 You have just the right amount of crazy with The Have and the Have Nots. This show depicts what America looks like currently with issues involving race, middle, upper, and lower class families, corruption, bribery, greed, sex, and scandals.

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