Once again, rapper/actor Shad Moss (Bow Wow/ Lil Bow wow) was caught "insta-lying" again, which created a challenge called "#BowWowChallenge" by social media. It all started with Bow Wow posting a picture about him catching a flight to NYC. The picture he posted was of a private jet and a fancy car outside of it, pretty much indicating that he was about to hop on it. It all went down hill when a fan of his happened to be following Bow Wow's post on IG and saw he posted he was on a private jet (though he didn't state it directly). Once the coach passenger noticed Bow Wow was lying, he took a picture and uploaded to social media, which then prompted a mass influx of people searching the internet to find where Bow Wow had stolen the picture from. Ultimately, they found it and started calling Bow Wow out on his lies.

Even rapper, 50 Cent took part in the challenge. LOL