Of course being the reality TV head that I am, I ran to the newest reality show TV was broadcasting, Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars - Family Edition. Usually, I bypass this show but I haven't had my dose of entertaining television in a while so I gave it a chance.

The Cast:

 Farrah Abraham and mother, Debra Danielsen, and her father, Michael Abraham. First to arrive on set is teen-mom, porn-star, and a known Kardashian/Jenner hater, is Farrah. I never watched teen-mom because it wasn't something that I was interested in, however, her attitude and behavior via social media gave me a dose of what we are in for in this Family Edition of Marriage Bootcamp. Her parents shortly arrive thereafter and you can tell that Farrah is an unappreciative little brat. Her mother, came in with an outfit that looked like it belonged to her daughter, but I have to admit, she rocked it. After entering the house together, the walked straight towards the wine. When Debra went to give a toast to "family," Farrah looks over and says, "Ewww, that was a weak ass toast." Um, huh? Then she proceeds to call her dad a "pancy." Yikes.

Next to arrive is Mike "the situation" from Jersey Shore. He comes on set with his two brothers.
They have a relationship that you would consider "hate/love/hate". Frank and Mike, I call the bullies over the Marc Sorrentino. They all started arguing as soon as they walked into the house, in which one of the brothers called Marc a "maxi-pad" when Farrah asked him what he likes to be called. That was a blow when someone else asked if he was gay.

Third, arrives Chad Johnson, or better yet, Ochocinco. Known for his outburst, and violent incident involving another reality star he was engaged to back in, he is also a former football player. He comes on with his mother, whom gave him away to live with his grandmother when he was five years old. rom the gate, you can tell that their relationship is in need of work. Ochocinco says his mother is a "ticking-time-bomb" that believes she is never in the wrong. In return, Ocho's mother says, "Chad is a damn fool." She seems to have a lot to say about him, his life, and his six children. Oh for goodness sake, this is going to be a battle of who can make the other look the craziest.

Fourth  and last to arrive is someone all to familiar with having her life displayed in front of the
world to see, Kendra Wilkinson from Kendra on Top, and other reality shows. Kendra  comes on with her mother, Patti, for the second time. The last time they were on Marriage Bootcamp was back on season 3. Since then, her and her mother have not seen each other in 2 years. Kendra comes looking "for closure." It is a dramatic scene when her mom comes on set and gets out of the car and they give each other an uncomfortable stare. NO hug, NO convo, or anything close to the relationship of a mother and daughter. Patti says she comes to get her daughter back. When Patti asks Kendra is she "doing this sincerely?" Kendra responds with, "I'm doing this out of curiosity." That comes from the accusations of Kendra saying her mother emotionally rapes her. Kendra accuses her mother of selling stories to the tabloids regarding her marriage with Hank. Even the other cast members stated that Kendra and her mother need to be there more than anyone else. It has to hurt to not have a close relationship with your own parent/child.

Will you be tuning in? I know I will.