In today's world, every body wants a reality show. A show that chronicles their day to day life, and how they became famous and such and such. Or they are looking for fame. But what do you do about a family that has nothing to offer but ... being a deceased singer's family?

Purple Rain singer, Prince Roger Nelson, was no doubt an entertainer; one of the most metro-sexual men ever who embraces his femininity every chance he got, and also bedded most of the gorgeous women he had came across. Prince was known to live a private life, which is one of the reasons many were unaware of his health issues, and addictions to prescription pills. Now a year after his death, his family wants to make a reality show about their life after Prince. Hence why they have been in legal battle with Prince's estate about the releasing of an album of unreleased tracks. Knowing Prince fans would want to hear exclusive never before heard music from the late singer, the family wants to use his music as a way to get people to tune into their show by playing some of the tracks (snippets) on their show.

Many are questioning what the show would be about? I mean no one knows his family. Unlike the Jackson's, and the Houston's, we don't know anything about Prince's family life. In fact, he was estranged from most of them. Would you tune in to watch?