One of my favorite comedians is Eddie Murphy, but did you know that Eddie Murphy is more than just a comedian, he's a father of nine. Did you hear that, NINE children with five different women, five of nine children are with ex-wife, the super-beautiful, Nicole Mitchell-Murphy. Eddie makes beautiful offspring nonetheless.

Eddie has three sons: Eric Murphy, Christian Murphy, and Myles Murphy. And six daughters: Bria Murphy, Shayne Murphy, Zola Murphy, Bella Murphy, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, and Izzy Murphy.

Paulette Murphy
Eric Murphy

Eric Murphy is the son with Paulette McNeely. There aren't any pictures of Paulette or none taken with Eddie so that is a mystery in itself BUT I happen to stumble upon her picture and her work place from a source close to Eddie. Paulette works as a Medical Aesthetician & Body Contouring Expert.


Christian Murphy is the son with Tamara Hood. It was said that Tamara Hood was to be cast in VH1's series, Hollywood Exs, but instead the cast Nicole Murphy.

Bria, Shayne, Zola, Myles, and Bella all belong to Nicole Murphy.

Angel Iris Murphy Brown is the daughter with Spice Girl member, Mel B, in which Eddie required a DNA test to prove that was his child.


Lastly, leaves Izzy with model, Paige Butcher.